The Organizing Team

The Organizing Team

Message of The Dean Prof. Farhoudi

We are proud to host the 6th Alavi Meeting on Aging and the 2nd international Healthy Aging Congress in Tabriz. Aging Research Institute of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences (TUOMS), as the first Aging Research Institute in Iran, tries to provide an opportunity to discuss one of the biggest demographic changes, namely the phenomenon of population aging, the opportunities, challenges, issues and concerns related to it from different points of views and perspectives of various sciences. Although developing countries, including Iran, are experiencing the phenomenon of population aging with some delay, the high steep of population aging and subsequently the high density of issues and needs related to rapid demographic changes will be special features of this experience. a

Healthy aging is one of the most important goals of aging experts. Various factors are involved in healthy aging. Healthy aging is the process of creating opportunities and an environment for older adults to actively participate in society and social life, regardless of individual differences and even differences in health status and disabilities, while providing for their basic needs by benefiting from learning and growth opportunities. a

The Healthy Aging Congress is an opportunity to present the viewpoints of different branches of science and disciplines regarding the challenges and approaches to achieve healthy aging. a

Message of Scientific Secretary

We proudly announce the 2nd International Healthy Aging Congress (6th Abass Alavi Meeting) to be held in Tabriz in May 2024

This event will bring together experts, professionals, and enthusiasts in the field to discuss the latest advancements, share knowledge, and network with peers. a

The Congress will feature an exciting scientific program with renowned keynote speakers, plenary sessions, and panel discussions that will address the latest advances in the field of geriatric medicine as well as gerontology. a

The program will also feature a research session providing grant opportunities for research proposals on hot topics in the field which will be reviewed and discussed by an expert referee team. a

We encourage you to mark your calendars for this event and join us in Tabriz in May 2024. We are confident that this Congress will be an unforgettable experience, and we look forward to welcoming you to Tabriz, Iran. a


Sarvin Sanaie, MD. PhD

Scientific Secretary, 2nd International Healthy Aging Congress

Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Message of the executive secretary

We are honored to hold the 2nd International Congress on Healthy Aging and the 6th Alavi Meeting in Tabriz soon. My colleagues and I are proud to host national and international valuable guests in this congress. We are pleased to play a role in creating an opportunity for discussing and exchange of opinions among experts in the field of aging. We appreciate the valuable participation of professors, students, stakeholders, as well as older population themselves. Our effort is to create a different experience of interaction with stakeholders and their role in holding a scientific conference. a

Best regards

Akbar Azizi Zeinalhajlou, PhD

Executive Secretary, 2nd International Healthy Aging Congress-2024

Aging Research Institute of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Scientific and educational secretary, Prof. Matlabi